Adventure Palace

Australia is widely known for its wildlife, landscape’s beauty and exotic casinos and last month I decided to witness all this with my best friend joey. I made this vacation trip planned with joey because he has lived in Australia while his higher studies and he is a native of Mexico and is familiar with wildlife which would be a plus point during our trip.

So I instantly booked a room in a nice resort with all the big pools and spa with inclusive of food as well, and we landed there. On the first day we made a safari trip and saw the world’s most exotic creatures including Lions and tigers bears and all, oh sorry how can I forget the kangaroos, they all were so beautiful that they roam all that night in my mind.

After returning from the safari, we decided to check out the famous casinos of Australia and while returning from the safari I decided to read some about it online and when I searched online I came to know that there is also a game exists that are based on the very theme of wildlife, which is called the adventure palace. It is a wild poker machine from Microgaming that offers a wild jungle theme experience to the players; I believe this is specially designed for the wild life lovers that can enjoy the essence of wildlife of Australia along with the additional bonus and jackpots that can be won during the play.

I played the same slot machine online on my iphone after making download of the pokie app all the way back to our hotel, and even when I was taking the shower the same thing was running in to my mind to play the same theme based pokie, and I did so, it was really nice experience, would love to visit Australia again.

Intercasino: Perfect Place for Gamblers

Did I even tell you about my visit to one of the most wonderful country in the world, Australia? The reason due to which this trip becomes more exciting is because of the amazing sight-scenes and the casinos. This was the first time that I ever visit to this place and the experience was outstanding and unforgettable. There I played and downloaded some slots with the intercasino online casino gaming website on my android device.

But when you will play with new site always check the reviews from the different portal. Some houses give the no deposit bonus, there are so many games available there which you can play and infact you can find its reviews too. I love this facility which they advert to the people. If you want to play more than you will find there blackjack, roulette, bingo and many more mobile app which offers new and different event prizes.

I played many free slots and got many bonus codes when I hit the symbols. If you are an ipad or iPhone user then do not be panic because there are also free download for them too. Many websites have the instant play or auto play button which is new for some gamers; these are new features which you will find rare. So try to take advantage of all these new benefits, if you will not feel comfortable with real money then you can practice with offline mode, so play for fun and you will get payout.

Always look for the term and conditions of the on the net gambling clubhouse before start playing, many casinos are not real so if you will play with real money or via PayPal account it will make fraud to you. And if you feel any difficulty in it so you can watch videos or tutorials on you tube so you can understand better.

243-Ways Format

It was last month, when I got chicken pox and I was unable to go to office and was at home for weeks. And ultimately one of my friends called me and asked about how life is going, I told him everything and he said that he has been playing this new format of casino games and having a great time and earning some bucks as well. Actually we used to play those traditional online casino games together when we were in college. And when we were having conversation about the old golden days of college, he remembered to tell me about this new format.

Within the minutes, I put off the phone after talking with him and came online to explore this new world of online slot machines. And I came to know that the online casino has been evolved since then and I was exclaimed by seeing this evolution. And since I was all free and had nothing to except lying on the bed and having cereals. I decided to wake up the sleeping player and try this new format called 243 Ways Format.

But very first I decided to read about it and I came to know that playing this format is quite simple and the concept is that with this, the player can pay a flat fee to cover all possible combinations on the reels, which means if the players struck any winning combination from left to right across the reel, he will be called a winner. I certainly enjoyed the game and easily coped the remaining days at home with ease.

Floridita Fandango Amazing Machine

In this blog post I am going to discuss about my favorite slot Floridita Fandango, this game is all about the betting. Every gamer has own taste and every person wants to earn money so gambling is the only way or I can say technique to get it. So I applied the same in this when I played it first time. It is based on the historic cocktail bar which is in cuba. Floridita is one of the favorite hangout places of mine.

This slot is the perfect combination of slot and cocktail, most of players while playing prefer to drink. This poker machine is based on the bar theme and created by the microgaming company, which is very wide and made a lot of machine for the gamblers. It’s a 3 reel and one payline fruit machine and it allows to the gamers to bet, with each spin you can bet three coins. This machine consist no special symbol but still you have a chance to win money. So all you will need to match the symbols and you can win many prizes along with money.

The symbols which are used in this are colorful drinks, all these symbols attracts to the gamer to play it. It offers the best payout which will enhance your winning chances. The theme and the interface of this event are pretty good the background sound is quite nice. So I really enjoyed this online machine and it makes me pleasure and the winning amount as well. So I hope this post will help you to make your decision for playing and hope you will enjoy like I did.

Doctor Doctor

It had been a long time that I had not went for the visit of the gambling world and due to my busy schedule I did not find any circumstance to visit the casinos too. Last month I came to know that there is the provision of online pokies too for the one who will to visit the place but do not find the way to go. When I went for the search of certain games I found many suggestions which took me in the stage of dilemma.

I asked about this to my uncle who is very much fond of gambling. He suggested and insisted me to go through the play of Doctor Doctor which was really the best one me and will also for them who want to make their start with. When I went through the review and free play, without wasting any time I went for the download of the app in my android mobile.

When I get bored I go for the play of this one which makes my time to pass in fruitful way. You will get many chance of earning by the use of five reels and nine paylines which was designed by the microgaming. The range of betting ranges from one to ten coins through each line and the value of the coins ranges from $0.01 to the max of $0.25.

In order to make the win you will have to make the perfect arrangement of the symbols which are provided and then hitting them in the slots of the active reels. Usually my uncle use to call me and ask me to tell the news of the betting performance of mine. There is no joke in performing well in the betting and this is the only which gives me the full fun and makes my mood refreshed.

Make Fun At Albury Casino Club And Play Online Pokies For Free With No Deposit Bonus, Find Some Exotic Venues Nearby You

When I played get rocked pokie it remind me my collage days when I used to hang out with my band. I am a guitar artist and I have a group we perform at the concerts. One day I went to the party, there I drank some beer and had fun with my friends. My few friends were playing gambling games and I jointed them because sometime I also used to play these kinds of slots. They were playing and this game was based on the rock band type theme, which was designed by the microgaming.

It is a 30 payline and 5 reel video bonus slot machine with a huge variety of themes. The music theme is based on the rock guitar with the different symbols like drum, rolls, guitar and many other symbols which remind me the old good days. So I took a chance to play, I bet with $20 and spin it and luckily I won it and I got just double amount which I bet with my friend.

I used to go at different casino venues and played many pokies in albury clubs, but when i saw my friends playing on the net then i made my mood to play online slots without any deposit bonus. After returning home I found its apk file on the google which I could download and play on my phone anytime. I really obsessed from this pokie, so I liked to play it and I got. This event is very simple and provides bigger prizes and bonuses for the players. I really enjoyed the theme, graphics, interface and the music of this one and I hope you will also like it as I am.

If you want to play free first then it will be better for you because if you are a beginner and you play with real money then there are equal chances to lose it so try it to play first free then switch to the paid version.