243-Ways Format

It was last month, when I got chicken pox and I was unable to go to office and was at home for weeks. And ultimately one of my friends called me and asked about how life is going, I told him everything and he said that he has been playing this new format of casino games and having a great time and earning some bucks as well. Actually we used to play those traditional online casino games together when we were in college. And when we were having conversation about the old golden days of college, he remembered to tell me about this new format.

Within the minutes, I put off the phone after talking with him and came online to explore this new world of online slot machines. And I came to know that the online casino has been evolved since then and I was exclaimed by seeing this evolution. And since I was all free and had nothing to except lying on the bed and having cereals. I decided to wake up the sleeping player and try this new format called 243 Ways Format.

But very first I decided to read about it and I came to know that playing this format is quite simple and the concept is that with this, the player can pay a flat fee to cover all possible combinations on the reels, which means if the players struck any winning combination from left to right across the reel, he will be called a winner. I certainly enjoyed the game and easily coped the remaining days at home with ease.