Adventure Palace

Australia is widely known for its wildlife, landscape’s beauty and exotic casinos and last month I decided to witness all this with my best friend joey. I made this vacation trip planned with joey because he has lived in Australia while his higher studies and he is a native of Mexico and is familiar with wildlife which would be a plus point during our trip.

So I instantly booked a room in a nice resort with all the big pools and spa with inclusive of food as well, and we landed there. On the first day we made a safari trip and saw the world’s most exotic creatures including Lions and tigers bears and all, oh sorry how can I forget the kangaroos, they all were so beautiful that they roam all that night in my mind.

After returning from the safari, we decided to check out the famous casinos of Australia and while returning from the safari I decided to read some about it online and when I searched online I came to know that there is also a game exists that are based on the very theme of wildlife, which is called the adventure palace. It is a wild poker machine from Microgaming that offers a wild jungle theme experience to the players; I believe this is specially designed for the wild life lovers that can enjoy the essence of wildlife of Australia along with the additional bonus and jackpots that can be won during the play.

I played the same slot machine online on my iphone after making download of the pokie app all the way back to our hotel, and even when I was taking the shower the same thing was running in to my mind to play the same theme based pokie, and I did so, it was really nice experience, would love to visit Australia again.